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About .dotisto

.dotisto is an domain search engine focused on speed and performance.

The goal was to create a simple and functional tool that would be helpful when searching for an address for a new website or for email accounts.

Information on whether a domain is available for registration is checked and displayed in less than 200 ms with ~99.975% accuracy.

Along with the checked domain, suggestions for other domain extensions and - in some cases - intelligent recommendations of other similar domains available for registration are also displayed in a few hundred milliseconds.

In addition to the search itself, in .dotisto you will find a number of small but useful additional features to help you search for an Internet address, such as:

  • Pronunciation - read the domain name through the system’s speech synthesizer to make sure that the pronunciation of the domain in question is not problematic and will not be confusing when, for example, giving an email address or dictating over the phone;
  • Google Search - a quick Google search for a name to make sure no one has used it before in a similar context;
  • Domain History - check with The Wayback Machine to see if there has been any other website at a given address before - and if so, which one;
  • Trademarks - check with TMview in international databases whether a given name is, or was, a registered trademark;
  • Domain Copy - option to easily copy a domain name to do anything with it. 😊

In addition, any domain that is occupied can be visited with one click to see what is at the address) or check the data in WHOIS about the domain, such as registration date, expiration date or owner information. Of course, next to each free domain there is a link to register it with one of the friendly registrars.

Some of the links in the search engine (such as those leading to domain registrars) are affiliate links. This means that when you register a domain by going from a link on this page, I may receive a small commission. This has no effect on the price you will pay at the registrar.

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The author and owner of .dotisto domain search engine is Mateusz Mazurek. Coding: Bogumił Milewski.

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